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New! Interactive Magazine (UNL Extension Zmag publication)

Need a quick meal?  Most kitchens have a microwave oven, but the microwave is not used to all of its potential.  Explore how to use your microwave oven for quick, easy and safe meal ideas. This interactive digital PDF magazine is packed full of videos, pop-ups and URLs to other resources.

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  • Making HealthieRDecisions Blog: Inspiration from a registered dietitian, (RD) who is also a Certified Personal Trainer, on nutrition and exercise.
  • Cook It Quick Blog: Features fast and healthy foods from a dietitian who likes to spend time eating, but not necessarily a LOT of time cooking!
  • Discover Foods Blog: Written by a "food scientist by training and a foodie by practice."
  • Agri-Cultural with Dr. Lindsay: Exploring the agricultural industry from many angles - topics include meat, labeling claims, livestock production practices, hot topics, the people who work in the industry, recipes and more. Blog posts will be entertaining and educational, while providing science and research.


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